Managed IT Support

Does IT Concern Scare Frighten Confuse You?

Don’t spend time worrying about IT when you can focus on your business.

We provide managed IT support services to a range of micro – small – medium businesses across a large range of industries.
Each business utilises IT in their own way and as a result we’re now familiar with a range of different platforms and systems that best help our customers achieve their IT goals.
Our target is to develop with our customers a system that complements their business process to ensure that IT is being used in an efficient manner within their business.
We offer managed service contracts based on a fixed fee per month, including a set amount of hours and responsibilities, this ensures that your IT environment remains secure, up to date and all of your staff queries are answered in a timely manner.
We have a 24/7 monitoring system that we can deploy in your environment to ensure your critical components are all running at their peak performance. Our monitoring solution can provide updates by Email / SMS / Push Notification to ensure that you’re across any issues occurring in your environment.
Our monthly managed services include monitoring and pro-active care of devices, including but-not-limited-too general IT support, network health, device health, update management and security control configurations.

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