Internet Connections

Internet Connections

We provide a wide range of internet services delivered over multiple mediums.

Whether you operate a small office that requires an NBN connection or a large business that requires a dedicated Fibre line we are able to provision and provide either.

All of our connections include a static IP address, a network monitoring service, and a corporate grade SLA to ensure that your service is operational when it matters to you most.


There is a common misconception that all NBN services are identical, while they share the same physical connection different providers are able to obtain different levels of service.

Our NBN connections come in various speeds, 50/20 up to 1000/250, get in touch today to find out how we can provide you with a corporate grade solution for your office.

+ all of our NBN connections include unlimited data, so you’ll never need to worry about exceeding your data limits.


We have a wide array of Fibre options to keep businesses connected.

All of the services that we provide are tuned for performance and uptime when coupled with one of our security devices we can manage the whole connection and hand-off a secure network for your business devices.

Our plans are highly customisable and support a wide range of features including, mutiple IP addresses & BGP Services.

Most importantly all of our internet services come with 99.99% uptime guarantee*, and all services have network uplink monitoring, ensuring fast responses in the rare case there is an issue with the service.

Network Security

We cannot reinforce enough to our customers how important it is to have a secure network.

Well Connected Services is proud to advertise that we are a Watchguard Silver Partner, we pride ourselves on setting up secure networks starting with the perimeter of our clients systems and ensuring that the security principles flow to the internal portion of our customers networks.