About Us

We provide IT Support for small businesses medium businesses retail stores restaurants corporate offices

Providing IT services to small and medium sized business in Sydney for over 10years, our experience covers a large segment of environment, applications and business requirements. Keeping up to date with newest technologies helps us develop a solution that is not only functional but keeps you ahead of competitors.

Our point of difference is that we take a personal look at your business and provide a customised solution based on your requirements, not just a cookie cutter approach. We ensure that whatever solution is provided maintains fundamental security measures to ensure the safety of your systems.

We know how difficult it is for businesses who rely on multiple different vendors to keep the wheels turning, we can act as representatives of your business when dealing with these vendors to ensure your systems all continue to operate smoothly.


We work with you and your team to identify what licensing you need to complete your standard tasks, whether it’s a Basic license that provides access to Email & OneDrive, or something more substantial like a Business Premium license that will give you Email, OneDrive, SharePoint, Teams, Enterprise Mobility & Security and a license for the Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection module; we can help you purchase, configure and deploy within your organisation.

We specialise in deploying and managing Office365 solutions for businesses of all sizes, there is no longer a need to have multiple expensive servers to roll out solutions for your business.

System Management

Using constantly updating services we can assist you in deploying your IT fleet anywhere fairly simply, using tools that allow us to install software remotely and completely set up a user’s pc with templates, we can ensure that your systems are consistent and kept up to date, and any new software that is available for your users is easily accessible.

We can also introduce policies for users personal devices, that need to access your corporate information, so that they remain secure and if they leave the organisation the corporate data is wiped with no impact to the users personal data.

Hardware Procurement

All businesses have different requirements for the IT equipment that they need to complete their jobs.

We can supply and configure a range of Desktop / Laptop / Servers / Networking infrastructure that suit your staff’s roles.

Our hardware is all business grade and most of the PC devices that we setup come with 3year On-Site Next Business Day hardware warranties.

Utilising our system management services we can organise for your hardware to be shipped directly to your users, once they sign into the device it will provision their account with all of the necessary software in no-time and with no headaches.

IT Consulting

We provide consulting services to larger business that have existing IT teams that may need guidance or assistance rolling out additional services, some we’ve set up in the past include InTune, Network Restructures, PC Rollouts, DMARC, and more.

We can work with your internal IT team to fill skill gaps or deal with a shortage of staff; engaging a third-party to oversee IT operations can shine new light on operations and unlock potentially unseen functionality.

Network Security Uplift

Network Security is one of the most important things you need to invest in to protect your organisation from external threats.

Utilising new unified threat management hardware coupled with cloud security solutions, you can ensure that all of your users and devices are protected by much more than simple passwords – these additional lines of defence can be the difference between your systems being breached and your systems staying secure.

Depending on how your business is structured we will suggest multiple different solutions to ensure your organisation stays on-top of vital security functions.

Cloud Services

We provide consulting services to larger business that have existing IT teams that may need guidance or assistance rolling out additional services, some we’ve set up in the past include InTune, DMARC, Network Restructures, and more.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch today, our goal is to help our clients IT systems complement their business processes; join us today.